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ДомПанель управления хостингом Hepsia
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Панель управления хостингом Hepsia

The Hepsia Control Panel is the web hosting CP included with all our общий веб-хостинг plans. It's really easy to work with and includes free tools and extras. With the ability to administer multiple domain names simultaneously, the drag 'n' drop file upload functionality and the cutting-edge Email Manager, it's undoubtedly one of the best hosting Control Panels out there. But don't simply take our word for it - take a look at our video presentation, or examine the fully featured web hosting control panel demo.

Hepsia Domain Manager

You can now register, transfer and administer multiple domain names & websites from just one single location. This is something cPanel has big troubles with. In fact, there is no Domain Manager at all in cPanel. With the Hepsia web hosting CP, you can establish and manage multiple totally independent websites under one single hosting account. There's no need to have different Control Panels (то есть. login locations) for your domain names, helpdesk tickets and invoices.

See how the Hepsia Domain Manager works | Play Video

Hepsia File Manager

With drag 'n' drop file uploads enabled, now this is something absolutely great - you no longer need FTP client software to upload files. Just select the files on your personal computer and drag them over to your browser window - the upload procedure will begin immediately. You will also be able to move files around the File Manager using the built-in drag-and-drop functionality.

See how the Hepsia File Manager works | Play Video

Hepsia Email Manager

Hepsia's Email Manager permits you to forward electronic mails, to set up auto-response messages with just one click, to set up email filters and to protect your mailbox accounts against junk mail messages. You can set up the desktop e-mail client of your preference to access your e-mail boxes or administer them through a webmail client.

See how the Hepsia Email Manager works | Play Video

More than Five Hundred Unique Features

The Domain Manager, the File Manager and the Email Manager are just some of the tools integrated into the Hepsia CP. We also offer a quick way to manage MySQL and PgSQL databases with the help of our Database Manager. Our Stats Manager provides you with a complete overview over all the vital stats for your site. There is also an immense selection of free-of-charge extras coming with the Hepsia web hosting CP - a website installer, a web apps installer, a PHP frameworks installer, free web skins, a free-of-cost sitemap generator, и т.д. There is also a collection of administrative and marketing tools, including an .htaccess Generator tool, a PHP Configuration tool, a URL Redirection tool, a Password Protection tool, a Domain Parking & Redirection tool, a collection of web accelerators and more. Furthermore, the Hepsia CP has an SSL Certificates section, from where you can get SSL certificates for your sites.

If you have the time, you can review our Hepsia vs. cPanel comparison page and see how these web hosting control panels fare with day-to-day hosting tasks.

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